Eggers 2.0 is a lab that combines research and production of communication, brought to life by companies already operating in communication, in collaboration with University of Turin, aiming to sum up expertise from professionals to the innovative and virgin approach of young talented people.

Eggers 2.0 is an open recipe, where creativity and the desire of discover are the main ingredients.
It’s 2.0 because it’s open to the participation of everyone: companies, experts of communication, students and thinkers of visual languages and of any kind of media, open to everyone who wants to share skills, ideas and projects.

It’s a factory that constantly deals with the real production of communication materials toghether with the urge for experimentation, trying to develop an unconventional approach to any kind of projects, finding new media or new ways to use traditional ones.

Eggers is a place for curious people and explorers, for the ones who are constantly greedy for creativity, for thinking craftsman and for digital artists.
Basic recipe expects a central team, expert in different fields, then we add every year new ingredients: cartoonists, film makers, designers, web designers, art directors, copywriters, digital strategists…

In order to get a well rich and balanced dish, every year though a contest, we seek for the most unripe talents and the most mature abilities. There are no fixed roles and working is based on sharing and teamwork.

We are easy to please… and we like to experiment about things, so our projects range in every area and topic, from classical advertising to crossmedia projects, from social media marketing to events management.

A golden awarded cuisine… In June 2010 Eggers 2.0 has been awarded by SAA, for being the most innovative local business venture.




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